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Another Cheesy Family Newsletter:  musings on codependency, mental illness, family dynamics, and just getting through life the best you can

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Meet Elizabeth Silva aka Patty Sisco, author of Another Cheesy Family Newsletter and community  contributor to the Dallas Morning News.  Former high school and college teacher, high school counselor, wife, mom, grandmother, citizen of Texas, and advocate for public schools, children with autism, improved treatment for mental health and addiction.


a memoir

One doesn't think of writing her first book after retirement, but I have been writing my memoir for decades.


May 2018

For years, I sent out, every holiday season, an uplifting and witty newsletter encapsulating the events of the previous year....births, deaths, marriages, new jobs, home projects, updates on family members, vacations....all with the implication that life was wonderful for the Silva family.  What wasn't included was the bad stuff...the pain of addiction and mental illness.  This memoir covers two decades of "cheesy family newsletters," each followed by a narrative of the events purposely left out, and a reflection of past generations that influenced my own emotional health.


I would love to talk to you about Another Cheesy Family Newletter. Email me at

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