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Behind the Words

Elizabeth Silva is actually a pen name for me, Patty Sisco.  I learned to love writing in high school, when I was in a very selective journalism class, taught by an amazing woman named Jan Kizziar.  We are still good friends today.  I taught high school English after college and then became a high school counselor - while marrying and raising kids.  Three kids are now adults, as is my granddaughter, and two grandsons still live with my husband and me.  Raising kids and having a very demanding career, I didn't have time to pursue my passion, but I always wrote snippets of my thoughts and conversations and, of course, my annual holiday letters.  When I retired, I finally decided to put all those snippets, along with my letters, and a lot of other memories, into memoir form.  That's how Another Cheesy Family Newsletter was born.  I have also contributed to Mia magazine and write regular op ed pieces for the Dallas Morning News. But I'm just beginning...

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