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Why write reviews?

When you look for a new product, let's say a new cell phone, do you simply go to Walmart, listen to the pros and cons of each mobile device expounded upon by the sales person who probably knows less than you do, and then choose your phone based on his recommendation?

Probably not.

If you're like me, you research all mobile phones with the particular options you prefer, then make your choice based on the product with the best reviews. In fact, on most websites, you can now narrow down your choices to products with four or five-star ratings before you even look at the variety of products. Need a new mattress? Looking for a good Mexican food restaurant? Want to watch a movie on Netflix? Planning to reserve a hotel room? Almost anything you're thinking about purchasing gives you an opportunity to peruse customer reviews and make your choice based on a highly rated product. In fact, statistics show that we've grown to trust reviews more than personal recommendations:

The same goes for books. I always look at reader reviews before spending my valuable time and money on a book, because, even though I love to read, I have far more productive things to do than waste my time on a book that isn't worth the paper it's printed on. But until I wrote a book myself, I never bothered to review any of the dozens of books I read. I just didn't know what to say. Yet, I depended on the reviews of other readers to make an informed decision about purchasing a book that looked like it might appeal to me. So now, I do my fellow readers a favor - I write a review!

But, like you, I'm often short of time and don't know exactly what to say, so to assist you in writing your reviews, I'm offering you a template to guide you and save you time. Then, all you have to do is copy and paste your responses to Goodreads, Amazon, or wherever you choose, and voila, you've posted a review! And you've done your fellow reader a tremendous favor. You've also helped your favorite author - like me! Reviews, especially those on Goodreads and Amazon, drive sales. The more and better the reviews, the more likely the sites' algorithms will boost the book's visibility. Ratings (i.e. sales) are all based on your reviews.

So, send me an email at or, and I'll send you these templates.

Happy reading!

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